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About Us

Bring some Practical Comfort into your life

It started off with a Junk Drawer.

Seeing that there was no proper solution out there to tame the beast with a Drawer Organizer that 
actually contoured to the contents of the drawer, we decided to do it ourselves.

Now that we have proven to ourselves that we can actually make a difference in the
homes of thousands of others, there’s no stopping us.

Practical Comfort products are remodeling the home essentials market. 

We are creating a whole new standard of innovation with user-friendly products designed 
to seamlessly fit into your home, so that you can get on with enjoying life.

We are building a strong, reliable brand of household essentials, with products that are 
handpicked, as well as conceptualized, by our creative team. 

Our products undergo a perfecting process that is shaped by customer feedback, increasing 
both quality of the product and the quality of your purchasing experience.