Adjustable Kitchen Drawer Dividers | Elegant Aluminum Modular Organizer 9 Dividers Set - Large | for Drawers 19.7" - 22" long (PC-MDO10L)

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      • Customize Your Drawer Space to its Contents | Get your items organized with these sleek and durable adjustable drawer dividers; use alone or combine with your drawer inserts or trays.
        Highly Adjustable | Configure this modular drawer organizer to create your preferred design with the set of dividers and additional accessories included. Easily adapt compartment spaces to contents with the slidable dividers.
        Stylish and Ultra-Durable | Brushed aluminum and quality plastic attachments make for a design that is as elegant as it is strong, with a solid and compact build to allow more room for your things, without snapping under the pressure or compromising your drawer.
        Tools-Free Easy Installation | Simply fit the main dividers to your drawer by sliding out the expanding ends, and fix them into place with the unique, no-residue, reusable adhesive pads. Create sub-compartments with the sliding dividers and extenders. Watch the attached video for step by step instructions.
        Enjoy Effortless Organization Today! Simply measure your drawer to choose the correct divider length-range (S/M/L) and your desired Set option, to arrange and declutter your kitchen utensils, office supplies, junk drawer, utility drawer, crafts, and more!

MAIN DIVIDERS - Measure your drawer length to choose the right set size

This is a LARGE size set - for drawers measuring 19.7" - 22" in length

  • Use the Main Dividers to create compartments that span the length of your drawer
  • Extend easily thanks to our exclusive design: plastic end stabilizers are fitted tightly into the tracks grooved onto the sides of each main divider. These are pulled outward within the specified range to fit the length of your drawer.
  • Reusable and drawer-friendly adhesive pads securely attach the Main Dividers to your drawer; before reusing, clean with water and let dry to reactivate stickiness.
  • All divider pieces feature a height of 1.65" (4.2 cm).

Select the size that best fits the length of your drawer: SmallMedium or Large

SHORT DIVIDERS - Measure your drawer width to choose the right set quantity

This 9-PIECE set contains: 3 Main Dividers, 6 Short Dividers

  • Design your compartments with the Short Dividers by hooking them onto the Main Dividers, and sliding them along the grooved-tracks to the desired position.
  • Even after installation, these dividers can easily slide to expand or minimize compartment sizes - adjusting according to your drawer contents. 
  • Each short divider can be extended beyond 3.8 inches with the included plastic Extenders and Slanted Extenders.
  • Design can be compatible with trays, small tubs, and other small storage containers you may already own.
Choose the Set-Quantity that best fits the width of your drawer and allows you to create the amount of compartments you need to fit drawer contents.

3 Step Assembly and Installation

  • Attach the included Adhesive Pads to both ends of the Main Dividers for secure installation. 
  • Adhesive Pads leave no residue, are extremely drawer-friendly, and are compatible for most drawer types.
  • Clean the Pads with water and let dry between each reinstallation to reactivate stickiness. 

  • Hook each of the Short Dividers onto Main Dividers until you hear a "click," indicating that the bottom tab has securly fit into the grooved-tracks.
  • Slide the short dividers to adjust compartment size, even after completed installation. 
  • Adjust the length of the Short Dividers with the help of the included Extenders and Slanted Extenders.

  • Attach Main Dividers to drawer sides by pulling out the End-Stabilizers to span the length of your drawer.
  • The previously-attached Adhesive Pads will then hold your design in place.
  • You may now insert the desired contents, and slide the short dividers to reach the desired compartment sizes
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Length RangeLarge (19.7 - 22 inches / 50 - 55.5 cm)
Dividers Set9 Dividers (3 Long + 6 Short)
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